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History of German Christmas Markets

The history of Christmas markets in Germany roots in the late Middle Ages. One of the most famous ones and also one of the oldest ones is held each year in Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria. It has been passed down from generation to generation that the farmers of the Nuremberg area started selling their crops in a farmers market during the Advent time in the mid 16th century. Out of this farmers market the world know Nuremberg Christkindlmarket developed.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia is modeled after the traditional German Christmas Markets.

The most famous of which, is the Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg, Germany. The goods presented in timber booths include a rich variety of food and holiday items. At the market, you will find Christmas ornaments, arts and crafts, toys, sweets, and hot food and drinks. This is an event at which people can stroll around, meet friends, and enjoy live performances of Christmas music.

History of the German Christkind

Since 1969 and every other year thereafter, the Nuremberg Christkind is selected to represent the spirit of Christmas in Germany. She wears a long white dress with golden stars, a golden crown, and has long blonde curls. She is the German equivalent to the American children's Santa Claus.

Each year, the Christkind recites a prologue to open the Nuremberg Christmas Market. The Christkind also makes appearances at over 150 charitable institutions. She brings joy to those in nursing homes, hospitals, and kindergartens. However, the Christkind isn't restricted to just Nuremberg. She has made appearances in other cities, including Chicago and Philadelphia.

German Food

Next to the German Bratwurst lunch, our food vendors offer a great variety of authentic German food: Lebkuchen (gingerbread), Stollen, fresh frosted almonds and all the other well known specialities! Of cause we are not limited to the German cuisine – we also offer crepes & waffles, Austrian strudel, funnel cake and so much more. Also a must do: a cup of our hot gluhwine (mulled wine)!

If you are interested in German culture, you definitely have to visit our famous German American weekend on December 9 and 10!