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Get more insights into our authentic German Christmas market!



Welcome to the biggest Christmas Village ever!

Christmas Village in Philadelphia presented by Bank of America will now be located all around City Hall in three total locations, plus the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market

LOVE Park will transform into a traditional Holiday wonderland with vendors from all around the world, European food, hot mulled wine and cold beer, and a giant walk through gift box called “The Present”, presented by Bank of America.

ACME Winter Memories will be located at the courtyard of City Hall with festive vendors and the whimsical, ornate, and grand Christmas Village Carousel presented by ACME Markets

Wawa Holiday Plaza located at the North Broad of City Hall will feature the brand new 65-feet-tall Christmas Village Ferris Wheel, the new Kids Train and exquisite vendors.

Don’t miss: The Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market at Dilworth Park with a wide variety of arts and crafts from local vendors from the greater Philadelphia area.

We can’t wait to see you at the biggest Christmas Village ever!!


Phil is back!

Hey, I’m Phil - Philadelphia’s most famous reindeer. If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself, I’m the mascot for Philadelphia’s annual Christmas Village! I’m also the only deer in Philadelphia that enjoys a good Bratwurst. I’m here to talk to you about my favorite parts of our happy Christmas Village! 

Firstly, come see the original Christkind from Germany on December 1, 2019! The Christkind will officially welcome this years' Christmas season with her traditional opening prologue starting at 3:00 pm.
Also, you can meet me and all my friends at the Mascot Weekend on December 7, 2019! Other notable mascots from around the city will be there (me being the most famous, of course). They will visit the market for a parade and dance off in cooperation with “Mascots for a Cure” to raise awareness for childhood cancer. This year, they will be joined by popular children's princesses and characters of “A Moment of Magic”! I’ll be present at the Village almost every weekend, so stay tuned for other events!  

On Saturday, Dec 21, 2019, visitors can listen to my favorite carolers and choirs from Make-A-Wish and try a piece of the delicious Make-A-Wish cake, with proceeds going to help a good cause. I will help cutting the cake on stage, so don’t miss it!

I would love to see your puppies as well on Furry Friends Fridays! I’m trying to pet as many dogs as possible this winter, so please bring your furry friend and treat them to some of our gourmet dog treats from one of our many pup-centric vendors!

With so many events you would be remiss to not bring the whole family. My favorite day of the week is Monday - you wonder why? Storytime is back at Christmas Village from 11:30am - 12:30pm at LOVE Park!

Come experience the Holiday magic that is Phil the Reindeer (and also visit Christmas Village, too). I can't wait to meet you all!

How the world celebrates Christmas

Throughout the world many countries have different traditions on how to celebrate Christmas. We have therefore collected some of our favorites for you.

 1) Japan
In Japan, Christmas is not a huge phenomenon as the holiday is not celebrated in a religious manner. Nevertheless, some American traditions have been carried over as the Japanese began to exchange cards and gifts as well as started to spend time together during Christmas.
In recent years a somewhat random tradition has started to take place. On Christmas day, families are coming together to have a large KFC meal. This tradition was spawned by a 1974 KFC ad campaign which promoted that families should eat KFC on Christmas.

2) Spain
In Spain, the traditions are not too different from the standard American traditions but they do vary in certain ways. For the Spanish, Christmas Eve is an extremely important day because people attend a midnight mast service called “La Misa del Gallo” which translates to The Rooster Mast. It is named according to the belief that a rooster crowed on the night Jesus was born.
Spaniards typically eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, a turkey stuffed with truffles or seafood.

3) Russia
Christmas time in Russia is usually quite different. Following the Russian Revolution, Christmas traditions were outlawed. It was in 1935 when Christmas trees were transformed into “New Years Trees.” And up until today, Christmas is not a huge holiday. Furthermore, Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7th which is due to the fact that the Orthodox Church follows the old Julian calendar. The bigger seasonal holiday is New Years. It is the time when many people go out to drink, eat and party.

4) Germany
One of the most important parts of German Christmas is the Christmas tree. Germans love their trees so much that they invented a tradition called "Christbaumloben&quot. During this time people walk through their neighborhood to compliment each other on their trees. Afterwards one or two shots may follow...The tradition of having a Christmas trees goes back centuries. To be exact it was during the middle ages when trees used to be made out of goose feathers.
The official beginning of the Christmas season is the first Sunday of Advent and goes until Christmas Eve when Germans celebrate their Christmas. For Advent Germans also have special calendars with 24 separate sections that are usually made form paper or cardboard. On each day before Christmas one door gets to be opened to make the wait for Christmas Eve a little sweeter. In the afternoon Germans usually go to church. Afterwards they enjoy time together and eat dinner before it is time to hand out presents ("Bescherung").

Another important and relevant German tradition however are the Christmas Markets that take place all over Germany as well as all Europe. The “Weihnachtsmärkte” have been a tradition dating back to the 1300s. These markets were mostly opened year round but the tradition has changed to be more of a seasonal event nowadays. Christmas Village in Philadelphia does not go back to the 1300s of course but it is celebrating its 12th birthday this year.

Another present at Christmas Village?

Yes, you heard it right: there will be a second present at Christmas Village from Friday, December 7 to Sunday, December 9, 2018.

The Metro by T-Mobile Holiday Gift Box

Visit the Metro by T-Mobile Holiday Gift Box, complete with comfy seating, awesome Samsung devices, and fun activities! Send a video holiday card to your beloved ones, chat with Santa, and stream your favorite movies and music courtesy of Amazon Prime – don’t miss out on this exciting and complimentary event!

Phil is one smart cookie

Spending a day in Center City Philadelphia sounds like fun - and it definitely is fun looking at all the holiday happenings from Christmas Village in Philadelphia to the Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink, Winter Memories and the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market. 
Nevertheless, there is one major problem: Parking! You either circle around for 48455 minutes or you end up in one of the garages and need your monthly income for paying. Both options may sound tempting but our mascot Phil the 10th reindeer has a better solution for you: take SEPTA!

SEPTA Services to LOVE Park
Taking the train to Christmas Village is not only less stressful than looking for parking, it also gives you the possibility to drink one or several mulled wines as well as try our locally brewed beers at the market. Did we kill two birds with a stone here? Sure we did!

But how can you actually get to Christmas Village if you use SEPTA Services?
Just hop on the Market-Frankford Line or Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 34 & 36 to 15th Street, the Broad Street Line to City Hall, Bus Routes 2, 17, 33, 38, 44, 48, 124 or 125 or use the Regional Rail to Suburban Station and you are just feet away from your German Christmas market in the City of Brotherly Love.

About Phil

Phil is the official Christmas Village mascot and was introduced to the public in 2017 for our 10th anniversary. He is Santa's 10th reindeer and was born in South Philly. Phil is named after his parents' beloved hometown.

What's on the menu at Christmas Village?

If you are a foodie then you definitely have to check out Christmas Village in Philadelphia! At the German Christmas market you are not only able to do your Christmas shopping, you are also able to try tons of European food without having to get a passport! 

Let us guide you through some options that are actually pretty difficult to find elsewhere in the city!

1) German Food

Some of our favorites include the every so classic and delicious grilled German Bratwurst, yummy salty soft Pretzels, Schnitzel and potato pancakes. Another highlight are our "Käsespätzle" which are soft cheese egg noodles that are prepared in one large cast iron pan over a large flame.  

2) More European Food 

Of course the German food is a classic but while visiting you might say you have tried enough, is there anything else? It turns out you are lucky because we have more vendors selling food with other origins such as Belgian Fries, French crepes, Austrian Strudel and chili infused honey.

Do not forget two of our favorites! There is the melted Swiss Raclette cheese sandwich that comes together with Dijon mustard, onions and pickles and there is the Döner Kebab, a pita stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, sauces and roasted meat which has its origins in modern day Turkey.

3) Drinks and Beverages

If none of these food items are tempting you might enjoy our delicious beverages. We will be serving warm drinks such as hot chocolate, apple cider and coffee but also warm mulled wine which keeps you happy on a cold winter day. Do not forget to sit down in our beer garden area "The Alm" and try one of our draft beers. Cheers!

Why Christmas Village in Philadelphia is an event for the whole family

Has it been a long time since you have done an activity with the whole family? Is it, because it is hard to find an activity that is interesting for the WHOLE family? This might be especially true during winter time. Of course, you could go to the movies but the problem is that you cannot really chat about what is going on. So you need something more interactive. What about the park? The kids probably like it but then there is nothing to do for mom and dad besides standing in the cold. Alright, it really looks like there is too much family fun out there but we have the solution for you: Christmas Village in Philadelphia.

So let us break it down into four categories:

1) For the moms 

Christmas time is shopping time and Christmas Village is therefore a great spot. The market has over 80 international vendors and each of them is selling extremely unique items (jewelry, apparel, decorations, ornaments, arts, crafts and much more) that you cannot find anywhere else - especially not in a mall. It is the perfect place to shop if you are trying to find a unique gift for someone that you care about. 

2) For the dads

We know, the dads are not that much into shopping. Luckily there is a lot more going on at Christmas Village. For example, we have both wine (Monday and Tuesday) and beer (Thursday) tastings in cooperation with Chaddsford Winery and Brewery Techne/ Bar Hygge. Dads probably also like our beer garden seating area and HoHo Happy Hours with special deals on bratwursts, beer and mulled wine. 

3) For the little ones

Now we come to the most important part: activities for kids. Christmas Village sounds like fun for mom and dad but if there is nothing to do for the kids then most likely nobody will have fun. 

Let's start of with a classic. Kids will have a chance to meet Santa and take pictures with him in our Santa Hut presented by ACME. Moreover, we have story times in collaboration with the Free Library of Philadelphia, a mascot parade with our very own mascot "Phil the 10th reindeer" and a lantern parade during the German American weekend on Dec 7, 2019. 

Do not forget to visit us for our St. Nikolaus event where kids can get their boot stocked from German St. Nikolaus on Dec 6 and to take a ride on the christmassy carousel in the City Hall Courtyard. 

4) For ALL of you

Now that everybody had some fun at the market, we need one thing that you can enjoy together as a family and a spot where you can chat about your exciting activities. Let us just say four words: European food and music! Sit down in our seating area "The Alm", listen to live music by our amazing performers and indulge in delicious food options that are offered at the market. No matter if it is Belgian fries and kebab for the moms, raclette cheese sandwiches and bratwurst for the dads or strudel and hot chocolate for the kids, Christmas Village has offers for everybody! So pack the family and come down to LOVE Park to have some family fun during the holidays.

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