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Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolates, Hot Cider, Coffee and new: spiked hot beverages!

Located at Love Park and City Hall Courtyard

Spiked Hot BeveragesMugBootRefill
Irish Coffee
Northbound Whiskey
Spiked Hot Chocolate
Firebearer Cinnamon Whiskey OR Spiced Rum
Spiked Hot Cider
Spiced Rum
Hot Toddy$13.00$14.00$9.00

Extra Shot

Spiced Rum or Northbound Whiskey

Hot BeveragesPaper Cup
Freshly brewed Coffee$4.00
Hot Chocolate Deluxe
Whipped Cream and Marshmallow
Farmfresh Apple Cider$4.00
Collectors Mug$5.00
Boot Mug$6.00
Düsseldorf Mustard Dip$1.00
Cold Drinks 
Water or Soda$3.00