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Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolates, Hot Cider, Coffee and new: spiked hot beverages!

Spiked Hot BeveragesMugBootRefill
Irish Coffee
Northbound Whiskey
Spiked Hot Chocolate
Firebearer Cinnamon Whiskey OR Spiced Rum
Spiked Hot Cider
Spiced Rum
Hot Toddy$12.00$13.00$9.00
Hot BeveragesPaper Cup
Freshly brewed Coffee$3.00
Hot Chocolate$3.00
Hot Chocolate Deluxe
Whipped Cream and Marshmallow
Farmfresh Apple Cider$3.00
Farmfresh Apple Cider
Caramel & Cream
Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, or Syrup
Collectors Mug$4.00
Boot Mug$5.00
Düsseldorf Mustard Dip$1.00
Cold Drinks 
Water or Soda$3.00