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Spätzle Haus

The German take on Mac'n'Cheese

Original Cheese Spätzle; smooth German style Mac'n'Cheese topped with crisp fried onions (vegetarian)$10.00
Spinach Spätzle; creamy soft egg noodles with fresh wilted spinach and finished with with seasoned breadcrumbs (vegetarian)$12.00
Spätzle with creamy mushrooms; creamy soft egg noodles in a savory Carmelized Mushroom Cream Sauce (vegetarian)$12.00
German style Pretzel (vegetarian)$4.00
Düsseldorf style mustard dip$1.00
Landjäger; hearty savory dried German style salami$4.00
Soft drinks (Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite) and bottles water$3.00